U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) plays a critical role in managing and processing various immigration applications. In this article, we will discuss the processing time for the USCIS Reno NV Field Office and provide tips on navigating the process efficiently.

Remember, all the processing data in this blog are directly from the USCIS website, and all data is manually checked to ensure accuracy.


The USCIS Reno NV Field Office handles a range of immigration applications, including employment-based adjustments, family-based adjustments, and naturalization applications, among others. It is essential to understand the processing times at this specific field office to better manage your expectations and plan for smooth processing.

The Process at the Reno NV Field Office

Applicants often need to complete several stages such as filling out necessary forms, submitting supporting documentation, and attending appointments or interviews. Some of the applications processed at the Reno NV Field Office include:

Each type of application goes through its own specific process, which may involve interactions with different government agencies.

Average Processing Times

Based on the most recent data, the average processing times for applications at the USCIS Reno NV Field Office are as follows:

FormCategoryOffice80% of cases are completed within
I-485Employment-based adjustment applicationsReno NV Field Office26.5 Months
I-485Family-based adjustment applicationsReno NV Field Office16.5 Months
N-400Application for NaturalizationReno NV Field Office10 Months
N-600Application for recognition of U.S. citizenshipReno NV Field Office31 Months

It’s essential to keep these average times in mind when planning your application submission and making any necessary arrangements.

Factors Influencing Processing Times

Various factors can influence processing times at the Reno NV Field Office. These may include:

  • Application volume: If the field office is receiving a high volume of applications, processing times might be longer than usual.
  • Staff resources: Limited staff or workforce shortages may result in delays.
  • Security checks: Some applications may require additional security checks, which can extend processing times.

Being aware of these factors will help you better understand how they may impact the processing time for your application at the Reno NV Field Office.

How to Navigate the Process

To ensure your application is processed as efficiently as possible, consider the following tips:

  1. Stay organized: Keep all documentation and communication related to your application in a safe place, and be ready to provide additional information or updates as needed.
  2. Complete forms accurately: Use guides such as the Form N-600 Guide and the Annotated N-400 to help ensure you complete your forms correctly.
  3. Be proactive: Keep track of your application’s status and follow up with USCIS if necessary.

If your application remains pending for an unreasonable amount of time, you may also consider filing a writ of mandamus to compel USCIS to make a decision.


Understanding the USCIS Reno NV Field Office processing time can better prepare you for your immigration application and help avoid unnecessary delays. Keep in mind the average processing times, factors affecting processing, and proactive steps you can take to navigate the process successfully.

Feel free to share your experiences or ask further questions about the USCIS Reno NV Field Office processing times in the comments.

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