Our Services For Every Family Need

EZ485 is able to handle all the essential services surrounding immigration and visa applications.  The services we provide include:

Marriage Green Card
Family Green Card
Adjustment of Status
U.S Citizenship
Affidavit of Support
Fiancé(e) K1 Visa
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What We Do and How We Will Help You and Your Family?

Immigration matters are complicated, and incorrectly filed paperwork can incur huge, non-refundable expenses and delay your case by months, if not years. In some cases, denial of an application can even lead to deportation! We protect your time and future with reliable, experienced immigration legal representation.

Do You Need Help With Any of These Immigration Issues?

Completing and submitting immigration forms
Unsure how to organize your supporting documentation, paperwork, or requested files by USCIS
Need guidance to reunite with family members in the United States
Cannot find the answers to your inquiries concerning the immigration procedure
You can’t afford a pricey immigration attorney, but you want to avoid DIY and risk making a costly error

It’s Easy to Get Started!

You could start submitting your immigration application in just a few minutes, and you’ll soon be on the road to safe, legal immigration status. Here’s our working process:

  • You respond to our questionnaires and provide us with copies of your supporting documentation.

  • An immigration attorney prepares your immigration application.

  • You go through the application that the immigration lawyer produced.

  • EZ485 sends the application to USCIS.

What EZ485 deliver?

Expert Legal Support

Your papers will be prepared and filed by our experienced professional immigration attorney.

Your Case Filed Within 1 To 3 Business Days

After you send us the required papers and information, we will finalize and submit your application to USCIS in 1-3 business days.

One-Time Flat Fee

Your legal expenses will be paid just once. No additional costs or hidden expenses.

Affordable Legal Services

We charge 60% to 75% less than typical immigration lawyers. Spend less money on exceptional services!


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