In a world of waiting and anticipation, you’re seeking clarity on USCIS Vermont Service Center’s processing times for 2023. This report offers you a sense of belonging, providing estimates to guide you through your immigration journey.

It’s updated monthly, and it reflects how long your form or petition might take, based on a first-come, first-served system. Remember, these times can fluctuate depending on your specific form and category.

Stick with us and we’ll navigate this journey together, shedding light on the path to your American dream.

USCIS Vermont Service Center’s processing times

FormCategoryOffice80% of cases are completed within
I-129E3 - Certain specialty occupation professionals from AustraliaVermont Service Center2 Months
I-129H-1B - Specialty occupation - Change of status in the U.S.Vermont Service Center2 Months
I-129H-1B - Specialty occupation - Extension of stay in the U.S.Vermont Service Center2 Months
I-129H-1B - Specialty occupation - Visa to be issued abroadVermont Service Center2 Months
I-129H-2B - Temporary nonagricultural workersVermont Service Center5 Weeks
I-129H-3 - Temporary traineesVermont Service Center2 Months
I-129O - Extraordinary abilityVermont Service Center5 Weeks
I-129P - Athletes, artists, and entertainersVermont Service Center5 Weeks
I-129Q - Cultural exchange visitorsVermont Service Center2 Months
I-129TN - North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) professionalVermont Service Center2 Months
I-130Permanent resident filing for a spouse or child under 21Vermont Service Center35 Months
I-130Permanent resident for unmarried son or daughter 21 or olderVermont Service Center54.5 Months
I-130U.S. citizen filing for a brother or sisterVermont Service Center49.5 Months
I-130U.S. citizen filing for a married son or daughterVermont Service Center49 Months
I-130U.S. citizen filing for a spouse, parent, or child under 21Vermont Service Center
I-130U.S. citizen filing for unmarried son/daughter 21 or olderVermont Service Center48.5 Months
I-131Advance paroleVermont Service Center9 Months
I-360All other special immigrantsVermont Service Center22.5 Months
I-360Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)Vermont Service Center
I-485Based on an approved T VisaVermont Service Center36 Months
I-485Based on an approved U VisaVermont Service Center29.5 Months
I-539All other change of status applicationsVermont Service Center6 Months
I-539All other extension of stay applicationsVermont Service Center5 Months
I-539Change of status to B nonimmigrantVermont Service Center5 Months
I-539Change of status to F or M student or J exchange visitor categoryVermont Service Center5 Months
I-539Change of status to H4 dependent with I-765Vermont Service Center7.5 Months
I-539Change of status to H4 dependentsVermont Service Center6.5 Months
I-539Change of status to L dependentVermont Service Center3.5 Months
I-539Extension of stay for B nonimmigrantVermont Service Center5 Months
I-539Extension of stay for F or M students and J exchange visitor categoryVermont Service Center3 Months
I-539Extension of stay for H4 dependentsVermont Service Center6.5 Months
I-539Extension of stay for H4 dependents with I-765Vermont Service Center4 Months
I-539Extension of stay for L dependentsVermont Service Center3 Months
I-539Extension of stay for T nonimmigrantVermont Service Center13 Months
I-539Extension of stay for U nonimmigrantVermont Service Center19.5 Months
I-539Reinstatement to student statusVermont Service Center5.5 Months
I-612Application for a waiver of the 2-year foreign residence requirementVermont Service Center3 Weeks
I-751Removal of lawful permanent resident conditions (spouses of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents)Vermont Service Center26 Months
I-765All other applications for employment authorizationVermont Service Center14.5 Months
I-765Based on TPS for El Salvador [(c)(19), (a)(12)]Vermont Service Center4.5 Months
I-765Based on a pending I-485 adjustment application [(c)(9)]Vermont Service Center9 Months
I-765Based on an approved, concurrently filed, I-821D [(c)(33)]Vermont Service CenterSeenotes
I-765Based on being an H-4 spouse of an H-1B nonimmigrant (Standalone; not filed with I-539 H4) [(c)(26)]Vermont Service Center8.5 Months
I-765Based on being an H-4 spouse of an H-1B nonimmigrant (filed with I-539 H4) [(c)(26)]Vermont Service Center4.5 Months
I-765Based on being an L-2 spouse of an L-1 nonimmigrant [(a)(18)]Vermont Service Center34 Months
I-821El Salvador InitialVermont Service Center13 Months
I-821El Salvador Re-registrationVermont Service Center4 Months
I-821Honduras InitialVermont Service Center17 Months
I-821Honduras Re-registrationVermont Service Center3.5 Months
I-821Somalia InitialVermont Service Center9 Months
I-821Somalia Re-registrationVermont Service Center43.5 Months
I-821South Sudan InitialVermont Service Center10.5 Months
I-821South Sudan Re-registrationVermont Service Center2.5 Months
I-821Sudan InitialVermont Service Center9.5 Months
I-821Sudan Re-registrationVermont Service Center4.5 Months
I-821Syria InitialVermont Service Center14 Months
I-821Syria Re-registrationVermont Service Center13.5 Months
I-821Yemen InitialVermont Service Center11.5 Months
I-821Yemen Re-registrationVermont Service Center36.5 Months
I-821DRenewalVermont Service CenterSeenotes
I-821DRequest for Deferred ActionVermont Service CenterSeenotes
I-824To request further action on an approved application or petitionVermont Service Center20.5 Months
I-914Provides temporary immigration benefits to noncitizen victims of trafficking and their eligible family membersVermont Service Center16.5 Months
I-918Petition for a noncitizen who is a victim of qualifying criminal activity, and their qualifying family members (Time from Initial Filing to Bona Fide Determination (BFD) Review)Vermont Service Center
I-929Family member of U nonimmigrantVermont Service Center31.5 Months

Analyzing USCIS Processing Times

You’ll find that understanding USCIS processing times can significantly enhance your planning and decision-making process. It’s vital to grasp the intricacies of USCIS case processing, especially at the Vermont Service Center.

The USCIS processing time provides an estimated time range, equipping you with a clear idea when to expect results for your type of application. The USCIS website is your go-to tool for checking these processing times. You can do this by navigating to the Processing Times page and selecting the Vermont Service Center. Here, you’ll find comprehensive data, from Form I-102 to Form I-129, each with its unique processing time.

Speaking of which, let’s delve into the specifics. For instance, Form I-129, used for petitioning a nonimmigrant worker like an H-1B specialty occupation visa issuance abroad, has a processing time of 2 months.

To stay updated on your case processing times, use your receipt notice (I-797C). Ensure the receipt number commences with EAC, then check the column titled ‘Now Processing Cases with Receipt Notice Date of.’ This information gives you an accurate picture of your case’s progress, fostering a sense of belonging in this intricate process.

Green Card Application Wait Times

In understanding the journey to citizenship, it’s crucial to have a clear picture of the green card application wait times at the Vermont Service Center. Under the USCIS, the Vermont Service Center provides an estimated processing time for various forms, including your green card application. This allows you to understand the average processing time it takes for your specific case type.

As of 2023, the processing time for green card applications varies based on the type of form submitted. For instance, Form I-130 and Form I-485 have distinct wait times. The USCIS updates these processing times regularly, so you can check your status using your receipt number to track the progress of your application.

The Service Center is processing applications in the order received, which helps manage your expectations and plan your immigration journey accordingly. Remember, these are estimates, and actual processing times can vary. The key is to remain patient and stay informed about the average processing times. This won’t only ease your journey but also enhance your sense of belonging as you navigate through the immigration process.

Fiancé Visa Processing Duration

If you’re applying for a fiancé visa, the first step involves submitting Form I-129F, which typically takes about 6 months to process. This process, specific to your case, is just the initial part of the K-1 Visa processing duration.

The next stage involves transferring your case to the National Visa Center, which takes about 60 days. This is followed by an interview at your home country’s U.S. embassy or consulate, the timing of which can vary. It’s crucial to note that the processing time calculation doesn’t include the time from approval to interview.

Stay informed about the latest processing times by visiting the USCIS Case Status Online page. Here, you can check your case status using your receipt number, also known as the case number, provided in your receipt notice. This allows you to track the progress and estimated completion time range of your Visa Processing.

If your case appears to be outside the usual processing times, don’t hesitate to contact USCIS Customer Service. They’re there to assist and help you feel a sense of belonging during this important journey.

Naturalization Application Wait Period

As you navigate your path toward naturalization, it’s crucial to understand that the current processing time for Form N-400 has decreased to roughly 6.4 months. This is indicative of a potentially shorter wait period for your application.

Once you’ve submitted your case to the USCIS, you’ll receive a receipt notice. This document contains a receipt number, a key detail you’ll use to track your case’s progress. It’s essential to understand that normal processing times can vary depending on the office or service center responsible for your case.

The USCIS Vermont Service Center, like other USCIS field offices, provides average processing times for 37 immigration forms. These can serve as a benchmark to gauge if your application’s processing time aligns with the norm.

Additionally, the USCIS publishes Quarterly Wait Times Trends, a valuable resource that can offer insights into potential changes in the wait period for naturalization applications. Staying updated on the processing times for Form N-400 at your specific field office or service center ensures you’re aware of the current wait period for your application.

In this journey, time is a crucial factor. So, stay informed and plan your path to naturalization wisely.

Overcoming USCIS Processing Delays

You’ll find several strategies to tackle potential USCIS processing delays, ensuring your immigration journey remains on track. One key method is understanding how long it will take for your specific case by checking the USCIS Vermont Service Center processing time 2023. USCIS provides average processing times for 37 immigration forms, assisting you in setting realistic expectations.

If the wait time exceeds the average, it’s crucial to make a case inquiry. It’s recommended to reach out to the USCIS Customer Service, rather than submitting to the processing times feedback email. Remember, each field office or service center, such as the Potomac Service Center, Nebraska Service Center, Texas Service Center, or California Service Center, may have different processing times.

Overcoming USCIS processing delays also involves proactive tracking of your case progress. Use your receipt notice for this purpose. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to contact us for case-specific inquiries. Your active participation and communication with USCIS can make a substantial difference in addressing delays.

Lastly, consider leaving feedback on the USCIS Processing Times webpage. Your insights can contribute to improving the overall user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Processing Time for Vermont Center?

You’re asking about Vermont Center’s processing time. Delays, staffing levels, and application volumes can affect this. Expedited processing might help, but processing discrepancies and bottlenecks may occur. It’s all about processing efficiency and capacity.

How Long Is USCIS 2023 Processing Time?

You’re wondering about USCIS 2023 processing times. It’s hard to predict due to application delays, backlogs, and processing bottlenecks. Always check case status updates and don’t hesitate to request expedited processing if needed.

What Is the Processing Time for H4 in Vermont 2023?

You’re looking at around 6.7 months processing time for an H4 visa at the Vermont Service Center in 2023. It’s important to regularly check USCIS updates and ensure your receipt number starts with EAC.

Which USCIS Field Office Is the Fastest?

In terms of field office efficiency, USCIS Nebraska Service Center is the fastest. Factors like staffing impact, technology influence, and office capacity impact contribute to its superior processing speed compared to other USCIS locations.

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