Navigating, understanding, and preparing for the I-485 processing time in 2023 can feel like a daunting task. You’re not alone. Many are in the same boat, unsure of the time it’ll take for their application to move from submission to approval.

On average, expect a wait time anywhere from 9 to 45 months, depending on your specific situation. This timeframe changes based on a variety of factors including application type, USCIS workload, and even the accuracy of your submitted documents.

Remember, these are just averages, your case could take less time or a bit more. So, keep calm, stay informed, and know that you’re part of a community navigating this journey together.

Average I-485 processing time

The average processing time for an I-485 application varies depending on a number of factors, including the volume of applications received by USCIS and the workload of the local USCIS office.

I-485  Family-Base Processing Time

CategoryOffice80% of cases are completed within
Family-based adjustment applicationsAgana GU17.5 Months
Albany NY17.5 Months
Albuquerque NM14.5 Months
Anchorage AK14.5 Months
Atlanta GA24.5 Months
Baltimore MD25.5 Months
Boise ID16 Months
Boston MA15 Months
Brooklyn NY21 Months
Buffalo NY14 Months
Burlington VT8.5 Months
Charleston SC21.5 Months
Charlotte Amalie VI18 Months
Charlotte NC18 Months
Chicago IL20 Months
Christiansted VI13.5 Months
Cincinnati OH15 Months
Cleveland OH14 Months
Columbus OH13.5 Months
Dallas TX17.5 Months
Denver CO18 Months
Des Moines IA16 Months
Detroit MI14.5 Months
El Paso TX15.5 Months
Fort Myers FL21.5 Months
Fort Smith AR13.5 Months
Fresno CA15.5 Months
Greer SC15 Months
Harlingen TX18.5 Months
Hartford CT15.5 Months
Helena MT16 Months
Hialeah FL15 Months
Honolulu HI15.5 Months
Houston TX16.5 Months
Imperial CA12 Months
Indianapolis IN19 Months
Jacksonville FL22 Months
Kansas City MO18 Months
Kendall FL18 Months
Las Vegas NV18.5 Months
Lawrence MA14 Months
Long Island NY15.5 Months
Los Angeles CA14.5 Months
Los Angeles County CA13 Months
Louisville KY15 Months
Manchester NH13.5 Months
Memphis TN19 Months
Miami FL35 Months
Milwaukee WI16.5 Months
Minneapolis-St. Paul MN17.5 Months
Montgomery AL18 Months
Mount Laurel NJ18 Months
Nashville TN21.5 Months
Newark NJ18 Months
New Orleans LA28.5 Months
New York City NY18 Months
Norfolk VA28 Months
Oakland Park FL18 Months
Oklahoma City OK15 Months
Omaha NE19 Months
Orlando FL20 Months
Philadelphia PA15 Months
Phoenix AZ17.5 Months
Pittsburgh PA13.5 Months
Portland ME14.5 Months
Portland OR16 Months
Providence RI15 Months
Queens NY17.5 Months
Raleigh NC28.5 Months
Reno NV15.5 Months
Sacramento CA19.5 Months
Saint Louis MO15 Months
Salt Lake City UT29 Months
San Antonio TX17 Months
San Bernardino CA14.5 Months
San Diego CA20.5 Months
San Fernando Valley CA14 Months
San Francisco CA17.5 Months
San Jose CA12.5 Months
San Juan PR18.5 Months
Santa Ana CA15 Months
Seattle WA15.5 Months
Spokane WA14 Months
Tampa FL17.5 Months
Tucson AZ10.5 Months
Washington DC25 Months
West Palm Beach FL16 Months
Wichita KS14.5 Months
Yakima WA15 Months

I-485 Employment-Base Processing Time

CategoryOffice80% of cases are completed within
Employment-based adjustment applicationsCalifornia Service Center21 Months
Nebraska Service Center16 Months
Texas Service Center40 Months
Agana GU9 Months
Albany NY9 Months
Albuquerque NM33.5 Months
Anchorage AK16 Months
Atlanta GA30.5 Months
Baltimore MD35 Months
Boise ID10 Months
Boston MA15.5 Months
Brooklyn NY11 Months
Buffalo NY8.5 Months
Burlington VT8.5 Months
Charleston SC38.5 Months
Charlotte Amalie VI9.5 Months
Charlotte NC32 Months
Chicago IL18.5 Months
Christiansted VI17 Months
Cincinnati OH8.5 Months
Cleveland OH9 Months
Columbus OH9.5 Months
Dallas TX34.5 Months
Denver CO26 Months
Des Moines IA24 Months
Detroit MI19 Months
El Paso TX23 Months
Fort Myers FL25 Months
Fort Smith AR17.5 Months
Fresno CA11 Months
Greer SC19 Months
Harlingen TX15 Months
Hartford CT12 Months
Helena MT33 Months
Hialeah FL13 Months
Honolulu HI28.5 Months
Houston TX34.5 Months
Imperial CA15.5 Months
Indianapolis IN9.5 Months
Jacksonville FL27 Months
Kansas City MO28.5 Months
Kendall FL18 Months
Las Vegas NV40 Months
Lawrence MA15 Months
Long Island NY7.5 Months
Los Angeles CA15.5 Months
Los Angeles County CA9 Months
Louisville KY7.5 Months
Manchester NH10 Months
Memphis TN26 Months
Miami FL24 Months
Milwaukee WI21.5 Months
Minneapolis-St. Paul MN23.5 Months
Montgomery AL25 Months
Mount Laurel NJ17 Months
Nashville TN23.5 Months
Newark NJ17 Months
New Orleans LA35 Months
New York City NY9.5 Months
Norfolk VA30.5 Months
Oakland Park FL29.5 Months
Oklahoma City OK34 Months
Omaha NE35.5 Months
Orlando FL38 Months
Philadelphia PA12.5 Months
Phoenix AZ19 Months
Pittsburgh PA7.5 Months
Portland ME9.5 Months
Portland OR10 Months
Providence RI11.5 Months
Queens NY11 Months
Raleigh NC36.5 Months
Reno NV30.5 Months
Sacramento CA15 Months
Saint Louis MO23.5 Months
Salt Lake City UT29 Months
San Antonio TX23.5 Months
San Bernardino CA15 Months
San Diego CA31 Months
San Fernando Valley CA7.5 Months
San Francisco CA16.5 Months
San Jose CA13.5 Months
San Juan PR19 Months
Santa Ana CA18.5 Months
Seattle WA16 Months
Spokane WA11.5 Months
Tampa FL20 Months
Tucson AZ26 Months
Washington DC38.5 Months
West Palm Beach FL31.5 Months
Wichita KS23.5 Months
Yakima WA10 Months

I-485 Other Category Processing Time

CategoryOffice80% of cases are completed within
Under the Haitian Refugee Immigrant Fairness Act (HRIFA)Nebraska Service Center36 Months
Based on grant of asylum more than 1 year agoNebraska Service Center19.5 Months
Based on grant of asylum more than 1 year agoTexas Service Center29.5 Months
Based on refugee admission more than 1 year agoNebraska Service Center
Based on an approved T VisaVermont Service Center
Based on an approved U VisaNebraska Service Center
Based on an approved U VisaVermont Service CenterSeenotes

Understanding I-485 Processing Stages

In your journey to become a lawful permanent resident, there are several stages you’ll navigate during the I-485 processing. This is the adjustment of status phase, where you transition from a nonimmigrant visa holder to a more established position within the United States.

The I-485 Processing Time isn’t a static concept. At USCIS, processing times can vary depending on a host of factors. For instance, the workload at the USCIS can shift the timeframes significantly. Therefore, processing times can range anywhere from 8.6 months for employment-based applications to 20.5 months for family-based applications.While the processing times have improved compared to previous years, it is essential to highlight that applicants can request an employment authorization document (EAD) while waiting for their i-485 to be adjudicated, allowing them to legally work in the United States during this period.

Therefore, it is crucial for applicants to stay informed about the current i-485 processing times and be prepared for potential variations or backlogs in their individual cases.

During this period, you’ll receive a notice for a biometrics appointment as part of the Form I-485 processing. It’s imperative to keep track of the progress of your application. This can be achieved through the USCIS Contact Center or by consulting with an immigration attorney.

The process may seem daunting, but remember, it’s all part of your journey to belong. Whether your application is handled at the field office or service center, each step brings you closer to your goal of becoming a lawful permanent resident in the United States.

Factors Affecting I-485 Processing Times

You’ll find that several factors can affect your I-485 processing times, making it longer or shorter than the average. The I-485 application process isn’t immune to delays in processing due to various reasons, all worth considering.

A significant factor that influences processing is the USCIS workload. During periods of increased volume, processing times could extend beyond the estimated processing time. Also, your I-485 could be delayed if a USCIS officer at your field office or service center is dealing with a backlog.

For example, in 2023, the average processing time for the i-485 form has been reported to be approximately 8 to 14 months, although individual cases may experience longer or shorter wait times.

Requests for Evidence (RFEs) also play a crucial role. If you receive an RFE, you’ll need time to gather additional documentation or information, meaning a longer time for Form I-485 processing. USCIS also requires time to review these responses, further extending the timeline.

In addition to the i-485 processing time, applicants should also be aware of the processing time for the i-765 application, which is required for obtaining employment authorization.

In addition to the factors mentioned earlier, the processing time for the i-485 application can also be influenced by the submission and approval of the i-130 petition, which is required for immediate family members of U.S. citizens.

Alongside i-485 processing times, it is crucial to take into account the i-131 application for travel document, as delays in its approval could further impact the overall processing timeline for immigrants seeking to travel internationally.

Background checks involving other agencies can cause delays if complications arise. Similarly, incomplete or inaccurate applications trigger additional scrutiny, leading to prolonged processing times.

Required Documentation for Application

After understanding the factors that can impact your I-485 processing times, it’s crucial to turn your attention to the necessary documentation for your application. The documents you submit to USCIS Service are key to your green card application’s success. In fact, the completeness and accuracy of these documents are instrumental in avoiding processing delays.

To submit Form I-485, you must first gather the required documents. This varies depending on your adjustment category and personal circumstances. It’s imperative to prove your eligibility before moving forward with your application. Therefore, it’s necessary to file Form I-485 with the applicable filing fees and the Receipt Notice.

Keep in mind that each document strengthens your I-485 applications and validates your intent to obtain a green card. Hence, ensuring that each document required is included in your application is vital. Remember, the more detailed you’re in your application, the more confident you can be in your submission.

In essence, the required documentation for application is the backbone of your I-485 application. And it’s in your hands to make it as strong as possible. This detailed and careful approach will help smoothen your journey towards obtaining your green card.

Tracking Your I-485 Application Progress

Once you’ve submitted your Form I-485, it’s crucial to keep a close eye on its progress. To track the progress of your case, you’ll need to rely on the receipt number provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This 13-character identifier is unique to your specific USCIS case and serves as your passport to the application’s journey.

To monitor your case status, visit the USCIS website. Here, enter your receipt number into the appropriate field to access real-time updates about your application using the ‘check your case status’ tool. This online system allows you to stay informed and feel a sense of belonging throughout the application process.

The processing time of Form I-485 varies. For instance, family-based applications have a median time frame of 12.5 to 20.5 months, while employment-based adjustments take around 8.6 months. These timelines aren’t set in stone, with factors like USCIS workload, requests for evidence, and background checks potentially impacting them.

Therefore, it is crucial for applicants to thoroughly understand the eligibility requirements and provide all the necessary supporting documents to expedite the i-485 processing time in 2023.

Tips for Expedited Processing

Often, you’ll find that ensuring your I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence is complete and accurate can significantly speed up the processing time. USCIS requires additional time to review incomplete or erroneous applications, causing a delay in processing.

Here are some tips for expedited processing.

Update: In 2023, the i-485 processing time has experienced significant improvements, with USCIS implementing streamlined procedures and digital advancements to expedite the assessment of necessary documentation, leading to reduced errors and unforeseen delays.

Priority processing is available for certain applicants, such as those with urgent humanitarian reasons or employment-based cases, which may result in shorter i-485 processing times in 2023.

The estimated i-485 processing time for 2023 is expected to be influenced by factors such as USCIS workload, policy changes, and the complexity of individual cases.

Firstly, be aware that USCIS allows applicants to request expedited processing under certain conditions. If you’re facing severe financial loss or an urgent humanitarian reason, you may submit a case for expedited processing. However, this is granted on a case-by-case basis.

Secondly, keep tabs on your application status. USCIS experiences high volumes of applications, and your proactive tracking can help address any potential delays. Use the USCIS online portal or contact the USCIS Contact Center for updates.

Lastly, ensure you submit all necessary supporting documents with your I-485 application. Incomplete applications can result in extended I-485 processing time in 2023 and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does I-485 Take to Process 2023?

You’re looking at a range of 9 to 45 months for I-485 processing in 2023, depending on case specifics and USCIS workload. Delays, service center differences, and processing bottlenecks can all impact your case’s timeline.

What Is the Current Processing Time for 485?

You’re looking at a median processing time of 8.6 to 20.5 months for I-485. This can vary based on application fees, any rejections, document checklist, dependents’ processing, attorney assistance, and your response to RFEs.

Is USCIS Processing Faster in 2023?

Yes, USCIS is processing faster in 2023. Improvements in efficiency, backlog reduction strategies, and policy changes have sped up processing times. However, case specifics and application volume can still affect the speed of processing.

How Long Does It Take to Get I-485 Approved After Biometrics?

After your biometric appointment, it typically takes 8.6 to 42 months to get your I-485 approved. However, processing times can vary due to USCIS efficiency, necessary documentation, and any potential errors or delays.

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