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The I-914 form, also known as the Application for T Nonimmigrant Status, is a crucial document for victims of human trafficking seeking protection and assistance in the United States. Understanding the processing time for this application can help applicants better prepare for their journey towards safety and recovery. In this blog, we will discuss the background of T nonimmigrant status (T visa), the factors affecting I-914 processing times, how to expedite your application if necessary, and what to do after your application has been approved.

Background on T Nonimmigrant Status (T Visa)

The T visa was created to support victims of human trafficking by providing temporary immigration benefits that allow them to remain in the United States while they assist law enforcement agencies in investigating and prosecuting their traffickers. To be eligible for a T visa, applicants must demonstrate that they are victims of severe forms of trafficking, have complied with any reasonable requests from law enforcement agencies in their investigations or prosecutions, and would face extreme hardship if removed from the United States.

Upon receiving a T visa, beneficiaries are granted work authorization and may become eligible for certain public benefits. After three years in T nonimmigrant status or upon completion of the investigation or prosecution, whichever comes first, beneficiaries may apply for an adjustment of status to become lawful permanent residents (green card holders).

The I-914 Application Process

Applicants must submit Form I-914 along with required documentation such as personal statements detailing their experiences as trafficking victims, evidence supporting eligibility requirements like police reports or court documents, and proof of identity. There is no filing fee for Form I-914; however some related applications such as employment authorization requests may have fees. Applicants should submit their completed forms and supporting documents to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) following their instructions.

Factors Affecting I-914 Processing Times

Several factors can impact the processing time for an I-914 application:

1. Volume of applications received by USCIS: High demand periods may result in longer processing times due to increased workload.
2. Completeness and accuracy of submitted forms and documents: Incomplete or inaccurate information can lead to delays as USCIS requests additional evidence or clarification.
3. Background checks and security clearances: These mandatory checks may take additional time, especially if there are any issues that arise during the process.
4. Applicant’s cooperation with law enforcement agencies: Delays in the investigation or prosecution process could affect the applicant’s eligibility.

Current I-914 Processing Times from USCIS

CategoryOffice80% of cases are completed within
Provides temporary immigration benefits to noncitizen victims of trafficking and their eligible family membersVermont Service Center16.5 Months

How to Expedite the I-914 Process if Necessary?

In certain circumstances, applicants may request expedited processing from USCIS by demonstrating severe financial loss, urgent humanitarian reasons, or other compelling factors. Additionally, working with a qualified immigration attorney can help ensure that your application is complete and accurate, minimizing the chances of delays due to errors or missing information.

Post-processing Steps after Approval

Once your I-914 application has been approved, you will need to apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) using Form I-765 if you wish to work in the United States legally. After three years in T nonimmigrant status or upon completion of the investigation or prosecution (whichever comes first), you may apply for an adjustment of status by filing Form I-485 to become a lawful permanent resident.

Preparing for Potential Delays or Setbacks in the Process

It is crucial to be prepared for possible delays or setbacks during your application process. Common reasons for delays include requests for additional evidence or issues arising during background checks or security clearances. If you encounter any challenges during your application process, consult with an immigration attorney to address these issues promptly and effectively.


Understanding the I-914 processing time and navigating the T visa application process can be challenging, but with adequate preparation and professional assistance, victims of human trafficking can secure their safety and pave the way towards a brighter future in the United States. Stay informed about your case status, work closely with law enforcement agencies, and seek legal assistance as needed to ensure a smooth and successful application process.

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