Understanding the processing times at your local USCIS Field Office, such as the Fresno CA Field Office, is crucial in ensuring a smooth and efficient immigration process. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the various stages and factors contributing to processing times, as well as tips on navigating the process, and how to expedite your application.


The Fresno CA Field Office is responsible for handling various immigration matters such as I-485 Employment-based and Family-based adjustment applications, N-400 Application for Naturalization, and N-600 Application for recognition of U.S. citizenship. With processing times varying, it is important to comprehend the factors that can affect your application to ensure a timely response.

The Process at the Fresno CA Field Office

When submitting an application to the Fresno CA Field Office, expect it to go through several stages, including:

  1. Application submission and review by USCIS
  2. Biometrics appointment, if applicable
  3. Interview, if required
  4. Decision on the application

Each stage has its own processing time, contributing to the overall duration. Therefore, understanding the average processing times at the Fresno CA Field Office becomes essential.

Average Processing Times

At the Fresno CA Field Office, the average processing times for various applications are as follows, based on recent data:

FormCategoryOffice80% of cases are completed within
I-485Employment-based adjustment applicationsFresno CA Field Office16 Months
I-485Family-based adjustment applicationsFresno CA Field Office14 Months
N-400Application for NaturalizationFresno CA Field Office9 Months
N-600Application for recognition of U.S. citizenshipFresno CA Field Office7 Months

Keep in mind that these numbers are subject to change, and it is always best to check the most recent information on the USCIS website.

Factors Influencing Processing Times

Several factors can influence processing times at the Fresno CA Field Office. These include:

  • Application volume: The number of applications received by USCIS can impact processing times. Higher volume may lead to longer processing times.
  • Application complexity: Some cases may require additional documentation, background checks, or further review, which can prolong processing times.
  • USCIS Field Office capacity: The resources and staff at the Fresno CA Field Office may also influence processing times.

Understanding these factors and their relevance to the Fresno CA Field Office can help manage expectations and better prepare for the immigration process.

How to Navigate the Process

Applicants can navigate the USCIS immigration process more efficiently by following these tips:

  • Stay informed: Keep yourself constantly updated on the current processing times, application requirements, and guidelines.
  • File your application accurately: Complete your application using the I-485 form and the N-400 form or by referring to the N-600 guide. Mistakes can lead to delays or even denial.
  • Prepare for the interview: Be ready with documents and evidence to support your case during the interview.
  • Follow instructions carefully: Adhere to guidelines and instructions provided by USCIS or the Fresno CA Field Office.

To ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible, consider expediting the process by applying for Expeditious Naturalization. If you face excessive delays, filing a Writ of Mandamus can be a way to push USCIS to make a decision but should be considered as a last resort.


Processing times at the Fresno CA Field Office can vary based on several factors. By staying informed, accurately completing the application, and proactively addressing any issues during the process, you can ensure a smoother immigration experience. Feel free to share your experiences or ask further questions in the comments section below.

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